FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to preserve the quality of the Coffee?

    When the coffee is toasted, it begins to lose flavor when exposed to the particles of oxygen and humidity this loss is accentuated as prolonged exposure to these factors.

  2. What is the best way to store the coffee?

    We recommend you buy it once a month, and do not do it in large volume for three or six months, the coffee should store it in a cool, hermetic, and away from the light.

  3. How long does it stay fresh?

    This, depending on the storage conditions, in hermetic places, fresh and far from the light, coffee could maintain its properties for up to six months, for them many of the coffee companies choose to put a disqualifying valve to diminish the effects of Oxygen in the quality of ground coffee.

  4. What benefits and contraindications do you have for your health?

    • May contribute to liver health
    • Caffeine increases caloric expenditure
    • Caffeine helps prevent brain deterioration
    • Caffeine Combats Respiratory Disturbances in Premature Babies
    • Coffee is analgesic
    • coffee protects against Parkinson’s
    • Coffee as a protective factor against mortality
    • Coffee helps us improve safety behind the wheel
    • Coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes


    • Excessive consumption affects intellectual performance, eliminating all positive effects and causes different disorders such as irritability, nerves, arrhythmia, palpitations and insomnia.
    • If you have high blood pressure or are hypertensive, ask your doctor if you can take it and how much.
    • If you suffer frequent stomach upsets such as ulcers or gastritis
  5. Can I order by phone?

    You can only order, using the coffeeofthecross.com website, or by using our contact lines on the site.

  6. Is it addictive?

    It is one of the most widespread beliefs, the reality is that caffeine is a mild stimulant, which, when consumed in a moderate way, does not generate addiction, in fact, it is quite strange to consider it as an addiction.

  7. Where is Nicaragua?

    Nicaragua, is located in the American continent, in Central America, neighboring republic of Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras.

  8. What is Apante, Mountain of Peace?

    It is a sanctuary of the Diocese of Matagalpa, attended by thousands of pilgrims every year, to pray, ask and find peace, through silence and contemplation of the natural beauty that the natural reserve of Apante offers.

  9. What is the location of the Apante Nature Reserve?

    It is located in the heart of the Americas, in Matagalpa, Nicaragua