Dear Friends of the Mountain of Peace.

We want to share a success story and extend an invitation to buy a unique Christmas gift for yourself and someone who doesn’t know about the Mountain of Peace.

This Christmas we have an exclusive offer of limited edition Mountain of Peace Coffee Mugs. The mugs are hand made by our friend Waldemar in Poland. Waldemar’s life path crossed with ours on the streets of New York some 20 years ago.

Homeless and looking for work he landed on the steps of our St. Francis House but soon he went back to Poland. Now, as he said, starting “from literally nothing but a dream, passion and hard work,” he has been successfully running for 4 years.

Waldemar’s production line uses old fashion technology to ensure the greatest quality and beauty. Each piece is oven fired at least 3 times. Our friend wanted to share his success with us in gratitude for a helping hand we gave him some 20 years ago by offering us 200 handcrafted mugs, specialized for the Mountain of Peace.

Each box carries 2 distinctive mugs. So, for $50 you will receive 2 mugs with a sample of Coffee of the Cross. We invite you to keep a mug for yourself and give one to a friend who doesn´t know about our project. Know that 100% of the proceeds go to help the Mountain of Peace.

Only the first 100 people who order will receive this limited one time offer