Our Story

The community of the Franciscans of the Renovation, resides in Matagalpa, Nicaragua since 2008, where they built the San Antonio Convent and bring evangelization to the poor, the sick, prisoners and young people. Sidney Pratt (the dreamer) knows a father John in Matagalpa, in the year 2008 also where he present the idea of ​​making the cross that Saint John Paul II had entrusted to do in the dream of April 17, 2005.

Fr. John, that my community does not make crosses in the mountains, but, during the discernment of almost 4 years, asking the holy spirit for the light to know if it comes from God or not, the community in Matagalpa decides to make the Cross in the year 2011

Coffee of the Cross
& Café de la Cruz


The Cross in the Center of America

At the summit of Apante stands a 33 meter Cross flanked by a 12 meter image of the Americas’ patroness, Our Lady of Guadalupe, reminding all that the victory of Christ over evil is the true fount of peace. Here, in the center of the Americas, the Holy Spirit is attracting thousands from around the world to pray for peace in the heart, in the family and in the world as they follow the 2 kilometer stations of the cross leading the top of Apante, the Mountain of Peace.



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The first design of the cross and the chapel.