Coffee from Nicaragua

Coffee of the Cross is produced at the St. John Paul II Farm

Nicaragua is a country with a rich tradition in coffee production, specializing n the Arabica variety. It is classified as high altitude coffee grown at 1,000 meters above sea level. At Coffee of the Cross we uphold the tradition of the coffee production culture that seeks to provide the best coffee by ensuring that each step in the production process meets the best management practices.  Upholding such rigid standards in our production practices guarantees the proper aroma, body, acidity and balance for a good tasting experience. It offers a gratifying experience of good taste and good purpose.

Our coffee will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy high quality coffee while knowing there is a purpose that transcends the earthly. Coffee sales provides the necessary financial support to sustain the Mountain of Peace Shrine, a place of worship for many seeking the peace of our Lord Jesus.

Suggested Donation: $35.00 / month
Suggested Donation: $35.00

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for big coffee consumers

For coffee shops, it is better to have good coffee for a lower price, by reducing shipping costs we can improve the offer of coffee sales.

Support the Shrine

Mountain of the Peace

Cleaning of the way of the Cross

$30.00 / month for 12 months

Mountain of the Peace

Energy for the Cross

$35.00 / month for 12 months
From: $20.00 / month for 24 months


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I just placed my coffee order via your website. I ordered the 3 pack x 12oz; light, medium, and roast. We love coffee!! Especially, coffee that is made with a purpose… serving and doing the Lord’s work. ❤🕇

Elena Maldonado / @maldonadoelena

I’ve never prayed so well as when I visited Nicaragua and had some @coffee_ofthe_cross

Fr. Luke Fletcher, CFR / franciscan friars