Coffee Subscription and Refund Policy

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By subscribing, our system will indefinitely leave the subscription for purchase of Coffee according to the product that you have requested to subscribe available at

Assignment of subscription number; Upon subscribing, Café de la Cruz, will provide a subscription number to the purchase of coffee.

To cancel your subscription, you must notify via email to with the title Cancel Subscription – (Name), in the body of the email must contain your full name and subscription number.

To cancel your subscription to our newsletter, you must notify via email to with the title Cancel Newsletter – (name)

Disbursement and cash return

1. According to the shipping policies of Café de la Cruz, we send your product every Wednesday to ensure the freshness of the coffee, if you do not receive the product within 20 days, you can request your cash refund to with the title Reimbursement – (Name), your refund will be refunded through PayPal account

2. You can buy at, you have three business days to cancel your purchase, if you cancel your purchase in less than three days after ordering the product, coffee from the cross, return to your money without additional charges.

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